Understanding the Healthcare Debacle

How Government Interference Messed It All Up I am a huge fan of those that work in the healthcare profession. My experience is that they are among the most overworked and underpaid people in our society. It’s a shame what has happened to them. I am also a huge fan of the current administration’s ‘Drain … Read more

How Congress Gets Away With Lying To Us……. (The Byrd Rule)

Not all Senators and Congressmen are crooks, but many might as well be… If you consider taking taxpayer dollars for salary and expenses under false pretenses to be crooked, then many are very, very guilty. The Ruling Class Politicians don’t want to make the changes we elected them to make and the Ruling Class Media gives them cover because … Read more

Why Should We Believe Government Is Our Friend?

  Our Founding Fathers didn’t… Our country was founded by people fleeing the oppressive governments of Europe (Yes, the Indians were already here, but they didn’t trust big governments either – point made). Europeans had good reason not to trust government. Up until that time, Kings, Queens, and a few Emperors had mostly run everything. … Read more