The Ruling Class Intelligentsia

Of all the groups making up America’s self-appointed Ruling Class, the Ruling Class Intelligentsia is the group StressFreeBill has the most disdain for… He has been known to refer to them as educated idiots, dupes, and… other things. Throughout history, the Ruling Class Oligarchy has supported the Intelligentsia Class. Merlin of King Author’s Court could … Read more

Who Are the Ruling Class Oligarchs?

These are powerful people in America. Their power derives from vast wealth, or more specifically, the control of vast wealth. Some hail from ‘old money families’ while others represent Wunderkind entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg. Many are CEOs of multinational corporations or managers of hedge funds, Reserve Banks, and Investment Banks. The junior leagues of this group … Read more

How Congress Gets Away With Lying To Us……. (The Byrd Rule)

Not all Senators and Congressmen are crooks, but many might as well be… If you consider taking taxpayer dollars for salary and expenses under false pretenses to be crooked, then many are very, very guilty. The Ruling Class Politicians don’t want to make the changes we elected them to make and the Ruling Class Media gives them cover because … Read more

Why Should We Believe Government Is Our Friend?

  Our Founding Fathers didn’t… Our country was founded by people fleeing the oppressive governments of Europe (Yes, the Indians were already here, but they didn’t trust big governments either – point made). Europeans had good reason not to trust government. Up until that time, Kings, Queens, and a few Emperors had mostly run everything. … Read more