The War for Republican Independence

There are many that believe a soft coup is underway in the United States. The forces of globalism have helped cement a Ruling Class culture that pervades our government bureaucracies, our universities, our media, Hollywood, and politicians of both parties. These self-appointed elites are knowingly, or in many cases unwittingly, supporting a globalist agenda that … Read more

Who Is George Soros?

If you’ve ever watched a Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman movie, then you know our superheroes are always pitted against a Super Villain; an individual or organization that is intent on ruling the world. Immensely wealthy and powerful, these individuals and their organizations are always motivated by greed and a lust for power. Although they … Read more

StressFreeBill’s New Non-Fiction Book Reaches #1 on Amazon!!!

My non-fiction book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants just reached #1 Best Seller Status in the New Release Globalization category. I’m on a mission to get this message out. I hope you’ll read it and leave a review. Help me get the word out about the self-appointed Ruling Class that is trying to ignore the Will of the People and control our country according to their vision.

Available in eBook or Paperback Click on book for Purchase Info

Make no mistake… while I hope readers find this book entertaining and sometimes humorous, it covers a very serious subject. All of the observations are documented and factual (references and citations are provided). Without trying to be overly dramatic, our very freedoms are at stake. There is a new self-appointed Ruling Class attempting to take over our government and our culture. We can stand back and watch it happen, or we can expose them and raise our voice against them.

The fight for the future of America is no longer about Republicans vs Democrats or even Liberals vs Conservatives – to win this battle enough Americans will have to rise above party politics to make a difference. This book exposes what is happening and offers simple practical solutions on how to oppose it.

I’m in… How about you?

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Spread the Word

I’m On a Mission To Get the Word Out What do you do if you know something profound about the political world around you, yet nobody else seems to be aware of it? What do you do if everyone you know or see on TV is asking the wrong questions – so, of course, they … Read more

Understanding the Healthcare Debacle

How Government Interference Messed It All Up I am a huge fan of those that work in the healthcare profession. My experience is that they are among the most overworked and underpaid people in our society. It’s a shame what has happened to them. I am also a huge fan of the current administration’s ‘Drain … Read more

How Congress Gets Away With Lying To Us……. (The Byrd Rule)

Not all Senators and Congressmen are crooks, but many might as well be… If you consider taking taxpayer dollars for salary and expenses under false pretenses to be crooked, then many are very, very guilty. The Ruling Class Politicians don’t want to make the changes we elected them to make and the Ruling Class Media gives them cover because … Read more