1.6 Trillion Examples of Why We Need to Support the Primary the Ruling Class Movement

Who Really Sandbagged President Trump? The $1.6 Trillion Omnibus spending bill (H.R. 1625) was just signed into law by President Trump. Already Democrats are celebrating and sarcastically tweeting that They’re getting tired of winning. There is no question that this is a bad bill and even President Trump in a ruddy-faced signing ceremony agreed that … Read more

Are the Ruling Class a Bunch of Pansies?

According to Dictionary.com: It is definition 3b that I am using for this article and for any detractor to suggest otherwise is simply disingenuous, ignorant, and slanderous. Definition 3a is a stereotype and like all stereotypes is snarky, disparaging and many times inaccurate – and should not in any way be confused with my intentions … Read more

What Did Those 13 Russians Do Differently than Thousands of Illegal Immigrants?

Bob Mueller recently indicted 13 Russian citizens for attempting to influence the outcome of our elections. Many think he is grasping at straws and no one expects any prosecutions to ever happen. Still, it begs the question… Exactly what is he accusing them of? Conspiracy to defraud the United States – check Entered the country … Read more

A Plea to Traditional Democrats…

I would like to speak to traditional Democrats… If you are one of the relatively newer far-leftist anti-American ‘I believe in socialism’ progressives, this message won’t be for you. I wish to reach out to the Democrats I grew up with… The ones who believe in having a social safety net but want to give … Read more

Is Senator Al Franken (D-MN) Really Going to Resign?

On December 7, 2017 Democrat Senator Al Franken announced that he was… what? Resigning? No… he announced that he would be resigning in the coming weeks. The most brazen of media outlets have taken note that his announcement included no apology for his behavior (indeed, he basically denied the allegations of sexual harassment were true) … Read more

We are Witnessing an Attempted Coup – An Overview of What Every American Needs to Know

What’s Really Going on with Mueller and the FBI? UPDATE: (2/2/2018) The release of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee memo on illicit and criminal activities at the top levels of the FBI and DOJ validate this article and this book. There is a Ruling Class culture permeating the highest ranks of our government that believes itself … Read more

The $$$ Behind the Soft-Coup in America

There’s a reason the world feels like it’s gone crazy – There are people that want to minimalize your voice… New information has been uncovered… We all know that something is wrong in America… Anyone with common sense is publicly accused of being either a racist or a fascist, Free Speech is being shut down with … Read more