The Coup d’é·tat to Overthrow the Government of the United States

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It’s Not Over Yet…

It is said that Daniel Webster once had a conversation with the devil. He took the occasion to ask a very profound question, “Devil, what is your greatest accomplishment?’

It is real. We’re right in the middle of it and we still don’t know who’s going to win.

coup d’é·tat    /ˌko͞o dāˈtä/

A coup d'état, also known as simply a coup, means the overthrow of an existing government; typically, this refers to an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction.


Without hesitation the devil responded, “Convincing mankind that I don’t exist.”

Besides not believing a threat is real, not being able to name your enemy also carries grave consequences. Until Donald Trump started his run for office, President Obama, candidate Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media, Hollywood and seemingly the whole world all but refused to utter the words, “Radical Islamic Terrorism.” Meanwhile, ISIS formed a Caliphate, overthrew governments, occupied land in ten different countries, and tortured and murdered tens of thousands of people and thousands of children. We are still finding mass gravesites to this day.

It didn’t stop until we had the courage to name our enemy.

Acknowledging an unspoken truth and putting a name to your enemy has a way of focusing us. It’s a grownup way to say, “We’re not playing games anymore.”

It is, however, a surprisingly hard thing to do. Mature people tend to dislike and avoid conflict. By definition, speaking an unspoken truth is confrontational. It is literally saying, “I am standing up to finally speak the truth and you need to do the same.” It can be construed as a calling out of those around us for moral cowards if they don’t join you in bravely acknowledging that the Emperor has no clothes. And it can sometimes carry heavy personal consequence…

Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to call out an unjust king and voice the truth …that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Many of our Founding Fathers gave all they pledged… The price for speaking truth and naming your enemy can be large and, at the very least, inconvenient. This is why most men and women make such proclamations rarely. The cause must be huge and the need great. The unnamed enemy must be threatening something greater than just ourselves. To declare that we know who the enemy is and be willing to name him is a kind of bravery that only God or patriotism can typically bring out.

I am calling on all of you to stand beside me…

There are a group of people that fancy themselves at the top of our society. This informal group extends across many countries and these self-appointed elitists see themselves as the cream of the crop. They have amassed wealth and power and believe themselves in a better position to run things than you or me. They see the new world order shaping up with themselves at the top and shake their heads at the naiveté of the masses – they sigh and simply humor us as we insist that things like national borders, fair trade agreements, and an economically healthy middle class are important.

They let us take our votes and vent on Facebook, all the while knowing they’ll find a way to rule us as they see fit, regardless of if we appreciate it or not. This is the very definition of what the Greek philosopher, Plato, called a Ruling Class.

The Constitution our Founding Fathers gave us specifically forbids us from being governed by a Ruling Class. It is our protection against these powerful and influential people. But like any sword, it only works if we have the courage to pick it up…

There is a Ruling Class culture at play in the United States. This elitist groupthink encompasses academia, the national media, Ivy League civil servants and bureaucrats, General Officers in the US Military, political appointees and the leadership of many of our Federal institutions. Many of our Federal Judges see the Constitution as simply an inconvenience to their vision of how the United States should fit into this new world order, and much of Congress clamors to cement their places in it.

Republicans and Democrats used to see themselves as just different teams in the all-important America League… Now, many of these Ruling Class politicians see themselves as simply different factions vying for power in a global authoritarian system. To them, it’s simply not about America anymore.

These self-appointed Ruling Class overlords live in a bubble and many celebrities who want to be seen hanging out with the rich and powerful constantly reinforce that bubble, that mindset, that groupthink, that elitism…

Donald Trump was the pin that popped that bubble...

He is an outsider that honors all the values our Ruling Class shed long ago. He is a leader who believes the government of the United States should place the welfare of America and Americans first – and the Ruling Class cannot abide that…

His election had to be overturned; his Presidency has to be ended. The American people must not be allowed to put their quaint naïve ideas of patriotic nationalism ahead of the agenda dictated by their Ruling Class betters. And so, without a second thought, they moved to destroy him – and the damage to our country, our Constitution, our freedoms, our future and our happiness never even crossed their minds…

U.S. Government intelligence agencies illegally spied on Trump’s campaign and then mounted a false conspiracy theory to frame the President for treason. They literally planted evidence and attempted to overthrow the government of the United States to nullify the election. The Democrats, as expected, went along with it… but our Republican leadership to this day sits back and does nothing.

All the while, the Ruling Class media blatantly lies to the public and tries to manipulate the President’s approval ratings down to a point where he can be impeached or forced to resign.

And, if our President does manage to accomplish something, a Ruling Class judge will jump in and arbitrarily declare a stay. Thereby delaying any benefit until the Supreme Court can ultimately, a year or two later, uphold the President.

We must not forget the Ruling Class Republican role in all of this… It was the Republicans who tried to undermine the delegate vote in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary. It was the Republicans that allowed confirmation hearings for his appointees to be stalled for years. It was the Republicans that purposely, openly, and diabolically defeated his efforts to repeal Obamacare. It was the Republicans that sabotaged his efforts to reform immigration laws and build a wall. It was Republicans that thwarted our President’s agenda by allowing Democrats to gain control of the House. And it is Republicans that are now pushing back and threatening not to support the ratifications of his renegotiated trade deals that will bring back jobs and middle-class prosperity. And it is the Republican leadership that is once again remaining silent as the Democrats continue to mount baseless investigations and persecute anyone that dares to work with the Trump administration.

The coup is not over – they cannot afford to fail…

Many in the Ruling Class are looking at the very real possibility of spending time in prison unless they can force the President from office first. Congress is launching a new round of investigations into Trump’s pre-political life in a desperate bid to find something they can hang him with. But they are not stopping there… They have issued hundreds of subpoenas to hundreds of people – most having very little to do with the Trump Presidency. They are hoping to find something on his family or friends, something they can blackmail him with. They have even issued a subpoena to the Washington DC Trump Hotel to get the record of their guest’s credit card usage (if you dared to stay there, your name is going on a list and you are going to get drug into this). 

This situation is totally out of control and if we don’t act now, we may lose our freedoms forever…

The only way to really drain the swamp is to remove from office the Ruling Class Republicans that are quietly sabotaging him. We can’t turn over Congress to the insane socialist Democrats, so we will have to do it in the Republican Primary elections. Our President can handle the Ruling Class horde that openly opposes him; it is up to us to keep him from being stabbed in the back.

The problem is, there are still many Republican voters that don’t understand our party has been taken over by the Ruling Class.

We the People must rise up once again. We don’t need to sacrifice our lives or fortunes or sacred honor, but we must be brave enough to name our enemy. We must find the courage to call out our Republican leadership and name them for what they are – a self-appointed elite that considers themselves a ruling class. We must face the potential ridicule of our peers that can not yet see the fight is far beyond just Democrats vs Republicans. We must declare Ruling Class politicians, of both parties, the enemy of the people and legally remove them from office…

If we don’t, it will be our children sacrificing their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors to get their freedom back.

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Bill is a businessman turned author who wrote the #1 bestselling book, It's Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy. The book turned into the Primary the Ruling Class movement which turned into the Political Action Committee, PRC PAC. Bill currently serves as the PAC's Chairman and Treasurer He writes nonfiction under the pen name, StressFreeBill He writes fiction under the pen name, William Lee Gordon


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