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Who We Are:

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Who We Are

Our Mission

PRC PAC is a political action committee operating as a Political Union. Just like in the early 1900s when labor organized against management that abused them, voters today are organizing against a professional political class that prioritizes globalism and corrupt self-interest over the welfare of the American people.

These Ruling Class elitists have created a culture where a massive bureaucratic Deep State, biased media, socialist academia, and multinational corporations (and the billionaires controlling them) can run roughshod over the majority of the citizenry.

Unfortunately, these Ruling Class politicians exist in both parties. While obvious in the Democrat party, they are much more subtle in the Republican party. They hide behind the ‘R’ that follows their name. We can call them RINOs, the establishment, or Never-Trumpers, but their behind the scenes support for open borders, one-sided trade deals, endless military engagements, and suborning US sovereignty to multinational treaty entanglements marks them as a self-appointed Ruling Class.

PRC PAC is dedicated to

1) Identifying these RINOs (by documenting their behavior)

2) Educating the public (not letting them hide behind the ‘R’)

3) Campaigning against them in Primary elections and replacing them with candidates that will put America first.

PRC PAC is supported by Democrats, Independents, and Republicans… but we understand the Democrat party is currently a lost cause and the best way to defeat the Ruling Class is to focus on the Republican party – If We Save the GOP, We Save America…

You cannot defeat an enemy unless you can name them. It is past time that Public Rulers be replaced by Public Servants and PRC PAC will lead the way.

What We Believe

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